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Dixie Heating and Air Conditioning Inc

Dixie Heating and Air Conditioning was founded by Jason White in September of 2009.  He believed that he could perform the highest quality HVAC Services for St George and southern Utah residential and commercial customers.  After working in St George for 6 years he could see that there were many opportunities for improving the quality and workmanship of the HVAC Trade. 

Dixie HVAC became an S Corporation in August 2009.  Jason White is a licensed with Dept of Professional Licensing as an S-350 HVAC Contractor shortly after in October 2009.  After working for many contractors only interested in making money, this company is founded on principles of integrity with our customers’ best interest in mind.  Dixie HVAC will differentiate with their workmanship, quality, and competitive nature to provide the greatest service to its customers.

Dixie Heating and Air Conditioning Inc is a full service and installation company.  Specializing in remodel or retro fit construction, new construction, small commercial, equipment service, maintenance, and repair of HVAC equipment.  We feature planned or preventative maintenance contracts. We encourage preventative maintenance with our customers by giving them a substantial price break for maintenance contracts.   We provide emergency repairs services for our customers. The Company features highly trained Comfort Consultants whom are qualified to provide home owners and business with a full range of products and services tailored to meet their needs and budget.  We also provide to our new construction customers a Certified Load Calculation ensuring all involved that the systems we install will not only be sized properly but will provide superb comfort for the end users.  We feature Certified Load Calculations to all our retro fit and new construction customers.  All our customers who purchase new systems will enjoy a personalized experience.  We perform a Comfort Audit upon completion of installations and also a follow up visit from Dixie HVAC’s owner to customer a few weeks after the job has been completed.  Our customers receive assurance that we will be there for them before, during, and after.  We also feature a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that if they are not completely satisfied with their new system we will refund their money and remove the equipment from the place of installation up to one year.  We also feature a Lifetime Guarantee on our Workmanship and Installation.  In the unlikely event, we will fix at our expense any and all occurrences.